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Kraken Onion is the main darknet site for today

Surely you would like to know where such a wonderful marketplace as Kraken came from. There is no reliable information about this anywhere, but we have collected all the assumptions and rumors bit by bit to try to present you with a real picture of the appearance of the Kraken. After reviewing this information, you will be able to have an idea of ​​why this trading giant was created and by whom.

The history of the Kraken

Just a couple of years ago, there was no more powerful and popular creature on the dark web than the Hydra trading platform. But due to world events, she suffered a sad fate. It was permanently closed. To create a worthy replacement for it, the Kraken marketplace was invented, which was charged with meeting the needs of inquisitive Hydra users. If you were once on Hydra, you clearly notice how similar they are to the Kraken. The same minimalistic design, the same clear and simple interface that even the most inexperienced user can handle. The developers of the kraken site tried to repeat their legendary brainchild and so far everything is going according to their plan - Kraken is only gaining popularity and bringing them more and more income.